There is the functionality that will allow you to run the fixtures on the Spawtz Scorer without the use of an Internet connection at the court computer. To do this, the scoring application requires you to download a fixtures file from your online Spawtz control panel before you can score a game using the application. 

You can download these files from the Dashboard section of the control panel.

Once you have downloaded the file (there will be a separate file for each playing area), follow these steps in order to score a game:

  1. Start the Spawtz scoring application
  2. Click "Open Fixtures from a File"
  3. When prompted for a location, click "Browse" and browse to the location of the fixtures file you have downloaded
  4. Once you have located the fixtures file, click "Open"
  5. The Spawtz application will then present you with a list of all the fixtures contained within that file
  6. Double click on any fixture to score that game

All images, colours and game settings are configurable within the scoring application.  To modify the configuration, click "Configuration settings" from the main menu on the scoring application.  You can then change the number of balls per over, players per team, the sponsorship image and any other images.