Software products are always evolving as new technologies arise and as additional features are requests. The Spawtz software products are no different, and we receive many feature requests every year. In order to ensure we are working on the features that are most in demand, we use a feature request site that allows you to vote for those features you'd most like to see implemented in our software.

The feature request site can be found at

We have one feature request list for each of our products, and also a "private" feature request list for each of our customers which they can use to request features that may only be applicable to their business, or which they might not want other people to see.

You can browse the feature request site to find features you like, and then vote on then. You have unlimited votes, but can only vote for each feature once.

To vote on a feature, you must first log in. To do so, click "Sign in/Sign up" in the top right hand corner.


In order to vote, you must have an administrator account for the Spawtz League and Venue Management system (ie, an account with the role "Administrator"). Only administrators will be able to log in to this feature request site, and each site will only receive one vote per topic (ie, even though you may have multiple administrator logins to your Spawtz League and Venue Management system, you will only receive one vote per site).

Once you have logged in you can either search for a feature using the search box, as seen below:


Or click on the "Current Highest Rated Feature Requests" link at the top of the list or "browse all ->" at the bottom of the list to view all the feature requests for that product:


To view the details of a feature request, click on the title. You can then see the full details of the request, and you can also add comments/additional suggestions.


To vote for a feature, click the "Vote" button.


Submitting a new feature request

If you do not find an existing feature request to vote on, you can create a new feature request by clicking on the "Request a new feature" button at the side of the screen:


You can then fill in the details of the feature you would like in the form below:


Feature request process

Here is how the feature request process works:

1) Feature request submitted to the feature request site

2) Feature request "triaged" to check to make sure it's not a duplicate, and to make sure it's not a customer specific feature request (more on that in a minute)

3) Every two weeks, an email is sent to all administrators with details of the features that have been requested in the last two weeks

4) On March 1st, July 1st and November 1st of each year, we will take the features with the highest votes and work on them for a month. So in the time in between those dates, it's important that you vote for the features which are important to you.

When feature requests are triaged, it may be apparent that a request is very specific to your business, or you might prefer if the feature request were not made public. In these cases, we will add that feature request to your "private" feature request list, which can be found on the right hand side of the feature request site:


You can order this list to show us which of those features are most important to you by changing the vote count on them. For features in this list, you can have up to five votes per feature, so you should order those features by adding more votes to those that are most important to you, and fewer to those that are less important.

In order to get "private" feature requests completed, you will need to purchase a block of time from us. We will estimate the expected complexity of the feature, and therefore the estimated time necessary to complete it, and you can then purchase a block of time in which we will work on that feature.

Similarly, if there is a public feature request which does not have a lot of votes, or which is very important to you and you need to be completed very quickly, again you can purchase blocks of time from us to have us complete that feature request sooner than it would be completed if you waited for it to bubble to to the top of the request list via votes alone.

Please ask your distributor for details of the prices of blocks of development time.