If a user's email address is unconfirmed, you will not be able to send bulk emails to them, and they will only get one fixture reminder email.  In order to confirm a user's email address, they must click on a link in the confirmation email that is sent to them.

This confirmation email is automatically sent to users when they register, or when they change their email address.  They can also resend the confirmation email when logged in to their profile.  However, you can also resend the reminders yourself.  To do so, follow these instructions:

1) Log in to the control panel

2) Go to the user's profile (The quickest way is via the quick lookup, enter their name, hit enter and then click "Details" next to their name)

3) Click "Resend Confirmation email" next to their email address.

You can also bulk resend confirmation emails via the "Users with unconfirmed email addresses" report in the reports section:

1) Log in to the control panel

2) Click "Reports"

3) Click "Users with unconfirmed email addresses" 

4) Select the criteria you want (ie, you can resend to all users, or just to users within a specific league, etc)

5) Click "Generate Report"

That will show you a list of all the users within the specified criteria with unconfirmed email addresses.  You can then check the checkbox next to those users you want to resend the confirmation email to.  A couple of things to note:

1) You can multi select by holding down Ctrl, clicking one checkbox and then clicking another checkbox.  All the checkboxes in between the two will be selected

2) You can only resend confirmation emails in batches of 20 at a time.  This is to ensure that the Spawtz mail server does not end up getting flagged as a spamming server, which could be the case if thousands of emails were sent all at the same time to "bad" email addresses.  So you will only be able to do them 20 at a time.