Users, teams, leagues, venues etc all have a "default" set of fields that you can fill within Spawtz.  Things like First Name, Last Name, Email Address etc etc.  However, every company has its own requirements regarding data that they capture, so Spawtz has the ability for you to add "Extra Fields" to the following things:






To add an extra field to one of the above, do the following:

1) Log in as an administrator

2) Click "Config"
3) Click "Extra Fields"

4) Click on the link to edit the fields for the object you want to add another field to.  For example, for users click "Edit User Extra Fields"

5) Click "Add Extra Field"

6) Specify the name of the extra field

7) Specify the title of the extra field - this will usually be the same as the name, but is used in some places like validation messages etc instead of the name field.

8) Specify the type of the field.  The potential values are:

  • Text - a single line of ad hoc text
  • Long Text - multiple lines (a textarea) of ad hoc text
  • Dropdown - a drop down list of various values, one of which can be selected
  • Checkbox - a checkbox
  • Radio button - a radio button list of values, one of which can be selected
  • Integer - a whole number
  • Date - a date

9) Check the "Admin Only" checkbox if you want this extra field to be visible in the admin control panel only (only applicable for user extra fields)

10) Check the "Mandatory" checkbox if a value for this extra field must be entered

11) If applicable, enter the valid values for the options (for dropdowns and radio buttons).  The value and the display fields will usually be the same

12) Click Save

Once created, the extra field will be visible on the details screen for the object in question.