If you usually run your leagues with only one division in them, but accidentally create fixtures without having created a division, here is how to move all the teams into the division without affecting the fixtures:

1) Log in to the Spawtz admin control panel

2) Click Leagues

3) Click on the league in question

4) Click "Divisions\Teams"

5) Add the division by entering the division name in the "Add a new division called : " section and clicking "Add New Division"

6) Check the checkbox next to all the teams in the "Teams Unassociated to any Division" section

7) In the "Move selected teams to Division 1" function, change the date in the "Keep results and fixture before" section to some date after the date of the last fixture in the league (for example, a few years in the future)

8) Click "Move"

The teams will then get moved into the appropriate division, and the fixtures will not be affected.

You might have to manually adjust any automatically calculated fixtures that were previously based on the position of teams in an unassociated league, but hopefully that should only be a few such cases.