Spawtz has undergone a major redesign in 2020 and here are a few of the main changes: 

New dashboard pages

There is a new layout for the dashboard page, and leagues, teams and users now get their own dashboard pages too:

Main Dashboard

League Dashboard

Team Dashboard

User Dashboard

These dashboards are designed to give an "at a glance" view of the most important information about the items in question.  Please let us know if you think additional information is necessary.

Title section standardised across all pages

The title section appears on all pages now, and along with the title of the thing you're looking at (ie, the team name or the league name or the user name).  We also include the ID of the thing in the title section wherever we can.

Submenu moved from the top to the side

On any pages that have a submenu, we've moved that from the top of the page to the side of the page:

And on mobile, the submenu is available by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon on each of the pages.

Filters on list pages moved from the top to the side

Similar to pages with submenus, list pages with filters have had their filters moved to the right hand side:

On mobile, those filters can be displayed by clicking the filter icon:

New timeline view for fixtures

The fixture list page has received some design touch ups including allowing you to display it either in timeline mode or table mode:

Click this icon to change to table mode:

Contact options for mobile numbers

Wherever mobile numbers appear in the application, you can now click on that number to receive a set of comms options:

The options do what they say on the tin, though some of them (call, message) will obviously only be useful if you are on a mobile device.

Tidy up of the menu options on calendar and duty report

The following menu section appears above the calendar and duty report pages:

And they have the following functions:

Display the calendar in daily mode

Display the calendar in weekly mode

Display the duty report

Print the duty report

Fixed headers and columns on calendar mobile view

The calendar is still designed to be used on desktop, but you can now more easily view it on mobile where necessary.  If viewing on mobile, it will fix the first column and allow you to horizontally scroll across courts etc.

Expedited communication process

Previously, if you selected a set of recipients for an email/sms within Spawtz, you then first went to the first step of the comms process, which was a bit redundant, as you had already selected the recipients you wanted.  We have changed this so you now go direct to the second step of the process.  The second step now also displays the probable number of recipients of the communication (the final step still shows the actual number).

Additionally, we've replaced the user and selection sections of the comms process (which used to be a huge multi select drop down) with an autocomplete control:

All the functions that you're used to are still mostly in the same place, it's just the design and layout that has changed, but if you find any issues, please let us know and we will rectify them asap.  We will be iteratively rolling this new look out over the next few weeks, so please expect the change to be applied to your site shortly.