By default you will be given an administrative login to your Spawtz installation that you can use to manage your site.  You can add additional administrators to the system by creating new users and assigning the "Administrator" role to them.  But you can also create different security roles to give other members of staff only the level of access to the system that they really need.  For example, you might want to give night managers permissions to update results and statistics, but not to see or modify payments.  Or you might want your finance team to be able to modify line items and payments, but not to change the schedule of fixtures.

All this can be done by configuring the security roles that are available within Spawtz.

To configure security roles:

1) Log in as an administrator

2) Click "Config"

3) Click "Security Roles"

You will see the "default" roles within the system:

You can then edit the permissions that each role has by clicking "Edit" next to the role, and you can create new roles by clicking "Add".

When creating or editing roles, you must select the "Association Level" that the role has.  The association level determines which "things" (users, teams, leagues etc) users with that association level can view:

  • Top - Any venue or league in the system
  • Venue - Only the venues specified in their profile
  • League - Only the leagues specified in their profile

Then simply specify the permissions you want users with this role to have, and save the role.  It will then be available on the user details screen for selection under the "Security" section:

If you select a "Venue" or "League" level role there, you will also need to select which venues or leagues they should have access to.