The Spawtz Scoreboard can now be operated with any web page enabled device provided a few criteria are enabled. 

  1. There must be a wireless network available in your arena that is on the same IP address range as the scoreboard computers (basically this just means there must be a wireless network, though the scoreboards don't necessarily have to be connected wirelessly)
  2. You must run the scoreboard application as an administrator
  3. The appropriate Windows firewall settings must be set.

See related article on how to configure the Scorer to run as administrator - Troubleshooting running Spawtz Scorer as administrator on Windows 8


To operate the scoreboard using the HTML remote, complete the following steps

  1. Open the Spawtz Scorer and go to Configuration Settings - Remote Control Settings
  2. Enter the Http Remote Url into your web browser on your device (Can be Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc)
  3. Enter the Court Pin into the web browser. This is also found on the Spawtz Scorer. 



Operating the HTML remote is the same as the ClickOn remotes and it will also display the current score.