When pairing the Spawtz Scoring Application with smartphone remote controls, it is necessary to run the scoring application as an administrator.

As version 3 of the scoring application is installed as a "ClickOnce" application, it may not run as an administrator by default.  If this is the case, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the scoring application and go to first menu, then click "Configuration Settings"
  2. Under the General Settings tab, in the "New Fixture Saved Files Folder" section, click the "Open this folder" button next to the Application directory listing
  3. Close the Spawtz Scorer
  4. In the Windows Explorer window that appeared when you clicked the "Open this folder" button, right click on the file "SpawtzScorer.exe"
  5. Select "Troubleshoot compatibility"
  6. Click "Troubleshoot Program"
  7. Check the checkbox next to "The program requires additional permissions" and click "Next"
  8. Click "Test the program..."
  9. The Spawtz Scorer will open.  You can close it immediately, or go into the configuration settings section and check to make sure it is running as an administrator, then close it.
  10. Back in the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, click "Next"
  11. Click "Save these settings for this Program"
  12. Click "Close"
  13. In the Windows Explorer window, right click on SpawtzScorer.exe and select "Create shortcut"
  14. Drag and drop the shortcut that gets created onto your desktop

From then on, run the scoreboard application by clicking on that shortcut on the desktop.

NOTE: Performing these steps may mean that the scoreboard application does not get updated automatically when new releases are made.  It is therefore recommended that you periodically manually check for updates (via the general tab in the configuration settings section) and repeat the above process when any updates are completed.