When generating fixtures and you get to the "Suggested fixture list" page, yellow and read mean the following:
Yellow: A warning.  Either the fixture has been scheduled at a time that is bad for the home or away team (according to the team preferences that you may have set for them via the preferences button in the team list), or there is a player clash (someone on one of the teams is also playing in ANOTHER match at the same time) or there is a team clash (the team is scheduled to play another match at the same time).  You can find out the details of the warning by hovering over the fixture in question - a pop up will appear with more information
Red: The system could not find a time at which to schedule this fixture.  This may occur for the following reasons:
1) Not enough time slots were selected when going through the fixture generation process.  The system WILL check to make sure that enough playing area/time slot combinations are selected for each division, but if you select the SAME time slots and playing areas for each division, by the time the system gets to the last division it may have run out of slots
2) There are already fixtures or bookings allocated to the playing areas you selected at the times you selected - ie, OTHER fixtures or bookings that you have manually created.

Common errors include: 

  • Trying to create fixtures on the wrong day / date
  • Incorrect selection of playing areas or timeslots
  • Other fixtures or bookings exist on playing areas

There is also another error which may occur - When generating fixtures you may receive a message saying "{User} is currently generating fixtures for this playing area".  This is because that user has some resources that you are trying to use in your fixture generation process locked.

When a user generates fixtures, Spawtz LOCKS any playing areas that are being used in that process at the point when it displays the suggested fixture list.  This is so that you can then move fixtures around before saving them without having to worry that someone else may create a fixture at the same time you want to create one.  However, if you leave the suggested fixture list page in any way other than by clicking "Confirm and Save" or "Prev", these locks will REMAIN IN PLACE.  No other users will be able to create fixtures on those playing areas until the locks are removed.

To remove the locks, simply start the fixture generation process again.  If you are not the person who has the locks, you must contact the user that the system says has the locks and ask them to start the process again.