Moving Fixtures/Bookings on the Calendar

Drag and Drop: Moving fixtures and bookings on the calendar is as simple as drag and drop. 

Once the fixture is dragged and dropped to a new time and/or court, the site will instantly update to reflect the new time and/or court.

Add to Clipboard: There is an option to right click on the fixture and select "Add to Clipboard". Then go to the new time and/or court and right click and select ‘getfrom clipboard.

Swap Games: Click and drag a fixture over another fixture to directly swap the two fixtures.

Other Fixture Functions:

Email/SMS Participants: This function is particularly helpful when a change to a game has been made. This gives the user the ability to immediately notify the teams that the fixtures have changed. Once a game is moved to a new time or court, right click on the fixture and select "Email/SMS Participants" to go through the steps to contact the participants.

View/Edit Availabilities: From this option, admin users can right click and select "Update Availabilities" to change the availabilities of each player in a particular fixture. This is also a convenient place to view the response from the players as to the likelihood of a forfeit.


Resend Reminders: This function can be used as another way to communicate changes to teams after changes have been made. It will resend the fixture reminder emails and provide detail as to what has been sent and not sent.

Time Hints: If you have entered in a teams playing time preferences, the "Time Hints" function will give you the added ability to check when is a good or bad time to move their fixture to. 

Team Hover: Once a fixture or booking has been created, there is the ability to click on the team name to show the organiser details, links to the team functions and the next fixture details.