You can set up communication templates within the Spawtz database to format all of your emails that come from the system. For example, you may want to make all emails have your logo and slogan in the header, and all your contact details in the footer etc.

You can set up communication templates either via the "Communication Templates" link in the Config section or by clicking "Click here to view or modify templates" next to the template selection drop down in the Email/SMS section or the autotext configuration section. 

Communication templates are set up in exactly the same way as you would create a standard email, but they MUST contain the text "{Content}" (without the quotation marks) somewhere in the body of the text.  This is because this "{Content}" text is the text that is replaced with the ACTUAL content of your email or autotext item.  

When saving a template you can specify that it should be associated at the company level (if you have permission) or the venue level.  Templates at the company level will be available for use by all venues, templates at the venue level will be available for use only by the venues specified.

Once a template has been created, it is ready for use.  To use a template, select it from the template drop down list on the communication or autotext details page:

Once the template is selected, it will be used when the communication or autotext item is sent out.