This article describes how to link up ClickOn remote controls and receivers and the Spawtz scoring application.

1) Plug the tranceiver in and ensure it is powered on correctly.  The LED on the transceiver will be lit when the tranceiver is powered correctly, and the LED will flash whenever any button on the remote is pressed.

2) Connect the tranceiver to the computer using the serial cable provided.  If your computer does not have a serial input you will need to purchase a serial to USB cable converter available at all computer hardware stores and then plug the cable into a USB port.

3) Open the Spawtz scoring application and select "Configuration Settings" from the main menu.

4) Select the "Remote Control Settings" tab.

5) In the "Remote control comm port" field, select the port that the tranceiver is plugged in to (if there is only one serial port on your computer this port will be selected by default)

6) Put the cursor into the "Remote serial number" field and then press any button on the remote control.  The serial number should appear in the text box.

7) Click "Save"

The application should now be linked with the remote.  Test this by pressing home team plus or minus or away team plus or minus (buttons 1, 3, 2 and 4 respectively on the remote) to try to move up and down on the main menu.  If the linking was successful, the selected item will change as you move up and down the menu.