By default when the scoreboard application is installed, the detailed indoor cricket summary screen will be the one that is displayed for indoor cricket fixtures.  If you wish to change the layout of the cricket scoreboard, you can do so by following these instructions:

1) Open the scoring application and go to the first menu - the page that shows "Open Fixtures from a Website" etc. 

2) Open “Configuration Settings” (the 4th option in the menu)

3) Click “Cricket Scoresheet Settings”

4) In the “Summary Layout” section, you change the radio button to any of the various "Layouts" e.g. "Default" or "Less Detailed"

5) If desired, check the checkbox next to “Show shirt/bib colours on scoreboard”.  If that checkbox is checked the umpire will need to select the teams’ colours when opening a fixture, and those colours will be displayed on the scoreboard.  If not, the default colours will be used to display the home team and away team.

6) Click “Save”