Whenever a user is added to the Spawtz database, their email address must be confirmed by them in order to ensure that the email address is a live, valid address.  This is to ensure that:

1) The user can begin to receive fixture reminder or marketing emails that you wish to send out and
2) The email address is not an invalid one or the address of someone who is not expecting to receive emails from you and who may therefore flag your email as spam.

Whenever a user is added to the system, an email will be sent to them asking them to confirm their email address.  The contents of this email may be customised via the autotext configuration section. The user must click on the link in this email or copy and paste the url into a browser in order to confirm their email address. 


If the user does NOT confirm their email address, they will only receive ONE fixture reminder from the system.  If they confirm their availability via one of the links in this fixture reminder email this will also serve to confirm their email address.

You can tell if a user has not confirmed their email address by looking in their profile.  If they HAVE confirmed their email address, it will show as "Confirmed". If they have not confirmed their email address, their profile will show as "Not Confirmed". 

If they have not confirmed their email address you can resend the confirmation email by clicking the "Resend confirmation email" link next to their email address status.  If they do not receive that email, you should

1) Check that their email address is spelled correctly
2) Ask them to check their junk email folder
3) Ask them to add "noreply@spawtz.com" to their list of allowed senders in their email account.

You should then send the confirmation email again, and if they still do not receive it they will need to contact their local IT support staff to diagnose the problem