There are 3 ways to create a new fixture:

1. You can enter them manually via the calendar.

2. You can enter them manually via the league fixtures page.

3. You can generate fixtures with customisable features through the fixture generation process.

Adding a fixture via the calendar enables the user to easily add in fixtures for a particular day for multiple leagues and is the more commonly used method of creating fixtures manually.

Go to the time on the court you wish to create the fixture for. Click and drag to cover the fixture duration. In the below example, you will notice that 4:30 pm until 5:00 pm is highlighted. Right click on the highlighted area, and select 'Create Fixture'. 


On the "Fixtures Details Page", there is the possibility to edit these details if necessary via the drop down menus. 

Indicate the "League", "Season", "Division" and "Teams". Hint: to play a cross division game, leave the 'Division' drop down empty.

"Fixture type": The "Standard" option is for regular league or friendly matches where one team is scheduled to play another. The other option, "Automatically Calculated", gives the option of having either standings based, or results of fixtures based matches. An example of this would be if you were to run a tournament where the first rounds of finals are standings based - 'team in position 1 to play the team in position 4'. The other option is to have a match scheduled based on the result of a previous fixture. The most common example of this would be for a Grand Final scenario - the winner of fixture Team A vs Team B to play the winner of fixture Team C vs Team D. More detail on this process can be found in this article Creating fixtures where the participants are automatically calculated

The option to tick "Results from this fixture should not count towards standings" will enable the match to be played and the results/statistics saved without any competition points being awarded to either team. 

If a fixture is being played without the use of the Spawtz Scoreboard application, then this is one of the pages in which a result can be entered. Information on how to enter points for a forfeit is explained in another article - Marking a Fixture as a Forfeit

Lastly, the "Officials" section allows the association of an official to the match. More than one official can be added. 

Once completed, click "Save" which will bring you to the calendar, or "Save and Create Another New Fixture" which will automatically default to the next available timeslot on that court.