Users can be entered into the system in 3 ways:

1. You can enter them manually - either via the team or via the users menu.

2. They can register themselves on the system via the “Individual registration” section of your website.

3. They can be registered by their team captain or via the join team function. 

To do this manually, click "Users" from the control panel menu and click "Add new user". This is how you will add all types of users to the database, whether they are another staff member, official, team organiser or just a regular player. 

The "notes" section is an internal notes section that is not made public. For more on CRM, see this article - Spawtz CRM Functionality

The next section is "Security". This is used to indicate various levels of access on the site. It is to be used for staff members such as venue managers,night staff to enter results etc. It is not relevant for the average player and is left at "no role" in that instance.

The "Officiating" section allows you to indicate a particular user as an official. This will allow you to allocate an official to any fixture.

"Teams" is where you indicate what team(s) a particular user is involved with. Simply select "associate to a new team" and select the team from the drop down. If the team has not been created, you can still create the user and associate them to the team at a later stage.

1. Team organiser. Responsible for ensuring the team turns up to play each week. Team organisers have access to all the data on players within their team.

2. Regular. A regular player on the team. Receives fixture reminders about games, but does not have access to the data for any other players on the team.

3. Stand In. Stand ins do not receive fixture reminder emails and they are essentially just a way for team organisers to keep track of any players who play for them “Time to time” when they're short

It is important to highlight that the best practice is to have one user across multiple teams instead of having a separate user in each team.

Example 1: Tim organises a cricket team on Monday nights and also plays mixed football on Thursday nights. On Spawtz, there will be one user profile for him and he will be associated to both teams on his user details page. He will be ticked as the "Organiser" for his cricket team, and as a regular for his football team.

Example 2: Lorna plays mixed football on Tuesday nights but also umpires netball on Wednesday nights. On Spawtz, there will be one user record for her. She will be associated to her mixed football team as a regular, and ticked as an official on the user profile.