Spawtz has the ability to allow bookings or fixtures for part of an existing playing area. This is done by creating an additional playing area in which the existing playing area becomes the "parent" of that new court.

  1. Click "Config"
  2. Click “Venues” 
  3. Click “Playing Areas”. 
  4. Add the name, and then select the existing playing area in which you are using for a smaller playing area. 
    (A booking or fixture on one of the “Child” areas will mean that the “Parent” cannot accept bookings as part of that playing area is in use. The same will occur if the “Parent” is booked, the “Child” area becomes unavailable.)
  5. To change the order of the playing courts, as it will display on the calendar, use the arrows on the playing court list page.

Scenario 1:

An indoor centre can divide one of their courts into three training lanes for cricket coaching bookings. This means that while there is coaching bookings, league matches cannot be scheduled. In the evenings, the court is used for league matches so the training lanes cannot be used. 

To enable this

  1. Create 3 additional “Playing Areas” for each training lane.
  2. Set the “Parent Court” as the existing court in which the training lanes are on.

Scenario 2:

The same venue has decided to play football on a double court where one match occurs over two playing courts. Other league matches such as netball cannot occur at the same time as a double court fixture.

To enable this:

  1. Create 1 additional playing area such as "Double Court (1&2)"
  2. Edit "Indoor Court 1" so that it has a "parent" which will be the newly created "Double Court (1&2)"
  3. Edit “Indoor Court 2” so that it has a “parent” which will be the newly created “Double Court(1&2)"

Scenario 3:

The same venue uses the indoor courts for dodgeball fixtures by dividing the courts in half. Other league matches such as netball cannot occur at the same time, nor can a double court fixture, or can the cricket training lanes be used. 

To enable this:

  1. Create two additional playing areas such as "Dodgeball Court 1" and Dodgeball Court 2"
  2. Assign the "Parent" as "Indoor Court 1"
  3. Create two additional playing areas such as "Dodgeball Court 3" and Dodgeball Court 4"
  4. Assign the "Parent" as "Indoor Court 2"
  5. Edit Cricket Training Lane 1, 2 and 3 to be a child of "Dodgeball Court 1" and "Dodgeball Court 2"
  6. Edit Cricket Training Lane 4, 5 and 6 to be a child of "Dodgeball Court 3" and "Dodgeball Court 4

Now that all of the extra playing areas have been created, for a two court venue, there are now 13 playing areas displaying on the calendar. The below image should provide a guide on what the 3 Scenarios would look like at the venue in terms of the playing areas that have been set up. 

These playing areas can be grouped to display a more succinct and easier to manage view. On the "Venue List" page, click on "Playing Area Groups". Where relevant, create groups for the various playing areas. In this case, the groups could be 

- "Main Groups" - Indoor Court 1, Indoor Court 2, Double Court (1&2)

"Training Lanes" - Cricket Training Lanes 1-6

"Dodgeball Courts" - Dodgeball Courts 1-4

On the "Calendar" the default "All Courts" view would look similar to the below image. The view, with only a few fixtures and bookings can be overwhelming. The ability to filter what playing areas are displayed can be modified in the navigation bar.