Once a "Season" has been created, you will now be able to create the first League. Click "Leagues" on the control panel menu and then click "Add League".

Name of the League: This should be descriptive and informative for your customer.Things to include are usually day, sport and grading information. An example could be ‘Monday Social Mixed Netball’ or ‘Tuesday Men’s Indoor Cricket’. Take note at how there is no specific seasonal details in the name of the league as the league rolls over from one season to the next. There will be opportunity to include division information at a later stage – this is just naming the league itself. There is the facility to include multiple divisions within this league.


Sport: Select the relevant sport from the drop down.  
Class: Helpful for registration purposes although not entirely necessary. 
Statistics set: Relevant if you wish to capture and enter player statistics. 
Team Count: For registration purposes, you can apply a cap on how many teams can enter the league. It is advisable to set the count above and beyond capacity to avoid teams missing out. If you were to set a cap at 8 teams, the 9th team that attempts to register will be notified that there is no more room within the league.


The next section details the various costs that can be attributed to the league. This section allows different pricing parameters to be applied to the league. More information on these fields can be found in the following article - Explanation of League Fees


The description text fields allows some additional information about the league to be made available to the public. Examples can include text about the skill level of the competition, what their entry fee includes, what the start date is, if there are any grading rounds or any promotional offers that are current. For the organisations that run leagues at multiple venues, this is a good opportunity to include venue specific information such as map links or transport / facility information. This text is displayed on the registration page.


The next step asks you to associate the league to a particular venue which you have already set up.


The scoring system allows for various point allocations to be applied to the league. Variations include allocation of points for "skins" / "periods" won,points for certain score lines such as amount of tries scored or losing by a certain amount or fewer, as well as volleyball and cricket specific scoring. Note– forfeit value is the number of points assigned to the team that is forfeiting, not the team that wins on forfeit. Information on how to enter points for a forfeit are further explained here - Marking a Fixture as a Forfeit


In the next section, assign the league to the relevant season. This is where you can assign the league to have different starting dates from the dates you set for the season. If there is nothing unusual about the start dates, then select ‘inherent dates from season’ to use the same dates as the season.


Click Save and you have just created a league!