You can get an XML feed of all the current leagues, fixtures, results, statistics and standings.  These feeds can be used to include this data directly into any website you choose.


The Url of the feed is as follows:




Where "{YourSite}" should be replaced by your site's specific url prefix.


To that url you will need to send a "Type" querystring item.  The valid values for type are:








So, to get a list of all the currently running leagues:




If you want a list of ALL the leagues that have ever run, you can append the "IncludeHistoric=true" querystring parameter to the end of the url:




Then, to get all the fixtures and results for a particular league:




Where "{LeagueId}", "{SeasonId}" and "{DivisionId}" are replaced with the actual ids of the league, season and division.


Similarly, to get the standings and the stats for those leagues, you just replace Fixtures with Standings or Statistics. Note that the Fixture node for cricket type fixtures will be slightly different than for soccer type fixtures (they will include HomeTeamSkins and AwayTeamSkins attributes).  If you want to link to the scoresheet for a particular cricket fixture, you can do so using the following link:




Where {FixtureId} is replaced with the id of an actual fixture.  If you want to download the XML of the scoresheet, you can do so using this url:




again where {FixtureId} is replace with the id of an actual fixture.