There are three ways that you can email users using the Spawtz system.

  1. You can do it via the communication tab.  Just select the criteria of the users you want to contact and then step through the process (making sure to send yourself a test email in the process to make sure it all looks right)

  2. You can get the email addresses of everyone in the system by clicking the "Get User Details in Excel" button above the user list on the "Users" tab.  You can then copy and paste the email addresses into your normal email composing software.  Be sure to send using the BCC field instead of the To or CC field though to ensure that no one accidentally replies to all. This will also ensure you don't distribute your user information to everyone. 

  3. As with step one, you can get the email addresses of only a subsection of your database by selecting the appropriate criteria on the first step of the communication process, then going past the second step by entering dummy values in the subject and body of the email and then on the third step the system will display a list of all the people (including their email addresses) that it is about to send the email to.  You can then copy and paste this email address list into excel to get access to the email addresses.

Tip: To more accurately contact certain groups of people, such as "team organisers" for "Monday Night Netball" it is far easier to use the filters on the "Users" page. 

  • Click "Users"
  • Filter to the correct "League" e.g. "Monday Night Netball"
  • Filter to the current "Season"
  • Filter type to "Team Organiser"
  • Click "Email/SMS"
This will allow you to quickly filter the users based on the criteria you wish to communicate and take you through to the email tool as above.