Fixture reminder emails are sent at approximate 8am in the morning.  If a team or teams have not received a fixture reminder email, then the reason is probably one of the following:

1) The team's next fixture was created after the fixture reminder script ran.  For example, if the team played a fixture last night but at the time that the fixture reminder script ran (approximately 8am local time) there was no next fixture for them in the database, no fixture reminder email will have been sent.  Even if a next fixture is subsequently created for them, the reminder email will not be sent automatically, so you will need to manually inform the team of their next fixture (this can be done via the calendar - right click on the fixture and select "reminders" to manually send the reminders). 

2) The team's email reminder check boxes may not be checked.  Each team can chose to turn on or off fixture reminder emails.  They can turn on or off the day after reminders, the day before reminders or both.  To check if they have done this, look in their profile (click "Details" next to the team name in the team list or click the "Details" link after doing a quick lookup for the team).  There are two check boxes - "Reminder email on the day after fixtures" and "Confirmation email on the day before fixtures".  If these check boxes are unchecked, the corresponding reminder emails will not be sent.

3) The players' email reminder check boxes may not be checked.  Each player within a team has the ability to turn off fixture reminders for any or all of the teams they are associated to.  If they turn them off, they will not receive reminder emails.  To see if a player has turned off fixture reminder emails for a particular team, look in their profile (click the "Details" button next to the user in the users list or click the "Details" link after doing a quick lookup for the user).  Next to each team that they are associated to will be an "Email Reminders" checkbox.  If this checkbox is unchecked, the player will not receive fixture reminders pertaining to that team.

Note that you can modify the fixture reminder schedule to have reminders go out on a different date than the default date.  For more information about this, please see the article on changing the fixture reminder schedule

If none of these appear to be the issue, please email your Spawtz support contact for more help