The Spawtz Scorer is a Windows based web application that is used to score the sports that have been created in on your online control panel. The application interacts with the online control panel resulting in automatic updates for scores, statistics and results. To update results immediately and automatically after a match has been completed, an internet connection is required. The scoreboards can still however be utilised to their full capability without an internet connection.

After assigning a license file to the Spawtz Scorer (you will only need to do this once after the first installation of the application), follow these steps to run the games. 

  1. Create fixtures on your online control panel (http://(yoursite)
  2. Open the Spawtz Scorer on the court computer and select "Open Fixtures from a Website". 
  3. Enter your login details. Use the same website URL as the control panel you used to create the fixtures.
  4. Select the playing area for that court computer. 
  5. Select the date of the fixtures you wish to run 
  6. Select the scoreboard colours for the teams 
  7. The game will then open and will be ready to commence.

Once a game has been completed, the on court official can either use the Remote (ClickOn or HTML) or the keyboard of the computer to save the game and start the next match.