Your payment gateway and/or merchant account will charge you a fee to process debit and credit card payments online.  This fee varies from gateway to gateway, and you may wish to pass this commission fee on to your customers.  You can do this by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the Spawtz online control panel
  2. Click "Config" 
  3. Click "Payment Gateways"
  4. Click "Details" next to the payment gateway you want to update
  5. Under "Gateway Commission", check the checkbox next to "Add payment gateway commission to amount"
  6. If you want the commission to show up on your users' statements, check the checkbox next to "Show commission on statement".  If you do not check this checkbox, the amount that users pay will show up on the statement without the commission added on.  If you do check it, the commission amount will be added as a new line item and the payment amount will be the full amount that they paid (for example, if you check the checkbox and the commission amount is 4% and a user makes a payment of $100, when completed their statement will show a new line item of $4 entitled "Payment commission fee" and the payment amount will be $104.  If you do not check the checkbox, even though the amount they actually pay will be $104, the payment amount that will appear on their statement will be $100, and no commission fee will be added).
  7. Enter the commission fees that you want to add.  You can specify different fees for debit or credit cards, and you can also specify both a fixed and a percentage fee per payment.  So for example, if you set the "Credit Card Commission Percentage" as 4% and the "Credit Card Commission Flat Fee" as 20c then when people make payment via credit card they will be charged 20c PLUS 4% of the amount (ie the flat fee and the percentage fee will both be applied).

NOTE: In order to determine the fee that will be charged to a user, Spawtz will ask them what type of card they intend on using BEFORE sending them to the payment gateway.  They may subsequently pay using a DIFFERENT card type when they actually get to the payment gateway, so it is incumbent to trust the user to indicate the card type they are actually going to use.