You can configure Spawtz to automatically "Tweet" any results that are updated in your league.  To do this you must tell Spawtz the details of the Twitter account you want it to update.  You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Click "Config" in the main menu
  2. Click "Twitter Accounts" at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click "Add" to add a new Twitter account

In the Twitter account details screen, fill in the following information:

Association Level
The association level for this account.  There are three possible levels: "Top" which means that any update to any result anywhere in the system will be tweeted to this account, "Venue" which means any update to any result at the specified Venue will be tweeted to this account and "League" which means that only updates to results in the specified league will be tweeted to this account.

Venue or League
If Venue or League level has been specified above, you must also specify which venue or league it is that you want this account to be associated to.

Once all the above information has been specified, you can click "Proceed to step 2 >".  At this point, you will be sent to Twitter to authenticate with them and to indicate that you want to allow Spawtz to tweet on your behalf.  Follow the instructions presented to you by Twitter.

Once the Twitter account has successfully been added, any time a result is updated in the Spawtz application, the result will be tweeted to the specified account.  Tweets take the following format:

{League name} - {Division name}: {Winning team} beat {Losing team} ({Winning team score} - {Losing team score}) {Standings link}

The information it the curly brackets ({}) is replaced with real information.  Note that if an account is specified at the League level, the league name will be omitted from the format above.

The {Standings link} in the format above is a link to the standings page for the league that this result was a part of.  People who are following your Twitter account in order to receive timely result notifications will also probably like to see what those results do to the table, and hence this link is provided.

Twitter can provide an excellent method of communicating with your players, and once people are following your Twitter account in order to receive these result updates, you can begin also to send marketing information to them as well ("Don't forget to sign up for next season!  Registrations close next Monday!", "Free booking with every 10th booking during August!" etc etc etc).  Hopefully this integration will provide you with another way to keep your customers coming back to you season after season.