The "Officiating" section on a User's details page allows you to indicate that particular user as an official. This will allow you to allocate that user as an official to any fixture.

Assigning a User to a particular fixture can be done in one of two ways: 

  1. Via the Duty Report:
    - On the duty report screen, fill the officials selection box by clicking "Add" next to the fixture in question.  Clicking Add will bring up a popup containing a list of all the users who are available to officiate at the venue in question.  You can then select one or more users and click one of the links below the selection box to add them either to that fixture alone, to all the fixtures on that court for that day (as it will often be the case that one particular user officiates all the fixtures on one court on a particular night) or to every single fixture that occurred at that venue on that night.

  2. Via the Fixture Details page:
    - the "Officials" section at the bottom of the screen will contain a list of all the users who may officiate at the venue the fixture was played at.  Select the user or users who officiated and move them into the right hand box, and then click save: