There are various ways to enter results for fixtures on Spawtz:

  • via the Duty Report
  • via "Quick Results"
  • via the "Fixture Details" page
  • via the Spawtz Scorer application

The Duty Report:
Most efficient when results need to be entered for one venue for a specific date. From the duty report, both scores and bonus points can be applied to the fixture.

Quick Results:

Most efficient when entering results for a particular date across multiple venues. This page will show fixtures that have been completed but have not had a result entered. To access "Quick Results":

  • Click "Leagues"
  • Click "Fixtures"
  • Click "Quick Results" 

Editing an individual fixture:
Open the "Fixtures Details" page to enter a result (editing a fixture via the calendar or league list page). This method is convenient if another amendment needs to be made to the result such as indicating if a match was a forfeit or assigning an official. 

Spawtz Scorer application:

A result can be entered as soon as the match is completed through the Spawtz Scorer application. At the completion of the fixture, the official selects "Save Fixture and Exit" for the result to be entered to the site immediately (with internet access).