The best method to determine exactly what the customer sees is to try it from their perspective and to understand what can be done to enhance their experience. This article outlines the steps the user should be taking to register as an individual.


There are two options available for registration on Spawtz – a user can register a team, or as an individual looking to join a team in their preferred sport or venue. This article outlines the process for how the user would register as an individual. 

There is also a 3rd option for an individual to register directly into a league, however, the user will still need to register as a user onto the site first.


The most usual registration process, if for a site to direct the user to "Registration Index page" where the user can indicate whether they are joining as a team or as an individual. This URL for this page is http://(yoursite)

More information on linking Spawtz to your website can be found by clicking here - Linking Spawtz to your website - Registration and How does Spawtz integrate with my website?

The text and layout of the "Registration Index page" can be edited under the AutoText Configuration labelled "Registration: Index".

From the company’s website, the user will click through to the "Register as an individual" page. This process will capture all the necessary information for someone looking to play a particular sport on a specified night(s). The concept is that it captures the individuals who are looking to join a team. 


Example1: Mark is an individual looking to play social men’s football on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays and would like the opportunity to officiate if required as he has been an official at another venue previously.

Example2: Sarah is new to the area and looking to meet some new people. Sarah enjoys lots of sports and has few commitments so she registers as a ringer for all weeknights in football, netball, dodgeball and mixed touch football.


The idea is then for the venue administrators to contact these individuals and put them into a team. It also enables the administrators to find these users on the database when looking to fill a team.


Once the user is registered, and you wish to place them into a league, you can go to the league details page then select the "Individuals" tab. To find the users who have registered and as an individual and are not in a team, you can search via the filter "search by type" to "no team".  In the functions section, there will be the option to add existing users to the league. This process will ensure that the individual is charged the amount asset by the "Individual Cost". It will also allow show that this play is not in a team.