When you start using Spawtz, the first thing you will usually need to do is set up a league.

First - ensure you have created a season or that there is already a season you would like to assign this league to.

Once you have a season that can be used when setting up leagues, the next step is to create your first league:

  1. Log in as an administrator (if you have not already done so)
  2. Click "Leagues"
  3. Click "Add League"
  4. Enter the name of the league.  This should be descriptive enough to let your customers know at a glance what the league is all about.  So something like "Regent's Park - Soccer - Mondays" is good.  "My Awesome League" is less good, but still viable.  There is no restriction on what the league name can be.  However, you should be wary of including any season based information in a league name. So "Regent's Park Summer 2012" is not a good name for a league.  Instead it should just be "Regent's Park", and then your season would be called "Summer 2012".  That way when a new season begins you only need to create a new season, not an entirely new league.
  5. Select the sport that will be played in this league
  6. If desired, select the category of this league.  This is largely for your own interest.
  7. If desired, select the statistics set for the league.  This will determine what statistics can be captured for a each fixture within the league.
  8. Enter the number of teams that this league can cater for.  This number is only important if you want to send a different message to teams who attempt to sign up when the league is already full.  To disregard this restriction, set the team count to some high number.
  9. If you want to allow people to register a team for this league online, check the checkbox next to "Allow Team Registration".
  10. If you want to allow people to register as individuals for this league online, check the checkbox next to "Allow Individual Registration".
  11. Check the checkbox next to the day or days that his league will be played on.
  12. In the costs section, enter the costs for your league. Explanation of this can be found via this link - Explanation of deposit, full price and cost per round fields
  13. In the Description textbox, enter any information that will be important for the user to know at the point that they are signing up for the league.  Things like how many weeks the league runs for, when it starts, what their entry fee includes etc.  This text will be displayed on the registration page. 
  14. Select the venue or venues at which this league will be played.
  15. Select the scoring system that you would like to use for this league.  The scoring systems available vary based on the sport that you selected in step 5 above.
  16. Enter the points that will be assigned to teams for a win, loss, draw etc (the items for which points may be assigned will vary from score service to score service).  Note that the "Forfeit" value is the number of points that are assigned to the forfeiting team, not the winning team, so most people will set this value to some negative number in order to discourage forfeits.
  17. Click "Add a season".  This will bring up the Seasons list, and from there, in the "Select a season" drop down list, you can select the season that you created in the first steps above.  
  18. If necessary, adjust the start and end dates for this season of this league accordingly (change the radio button from "Inherit dates from season" to "Start" and then enter the actual start and end dates for this season of this league.
  19. Click Save