Click "Sports" from the "Config" page to edit and add "Sports". These settings will help differentiate between the sports.

To add a new sport, fill in each column and then click 'Add' at the end of the row. To edit an existing sport, click edit first, and then make the necessary changes before clicking save.

Name the Sport: When a league is created it is assigned to a sport. This name can be general such as 'Indoor Cricket' or something more particular, depending on the circumstances such as '6 A Side Cricket'.

Assign a calendar colour: Each sport can be assigned a colour for the calendar display.This is a personal preference. 

Assign the score sheet: The score sheet refers to what scoreboard display that sport shows. For example, an 'indoor cricket' score sheet will open up as a cricket game as opposed to a home and away timed display. Depending on the location of the venue, it may also include sport specific animations. It is also important to note that an individual league can be modified to have its own timer configurations. 

Turn registration on/off by sport:  The ability to allow online registration can be turned on and off. For a particular sport, online registration is a great way to monitor how many teams are entering a particular league. 

Preference Times

From the venue list, click on the button "Pref Times". For each Sport (as you set up previously in the sports section) there is the ability to add in the time slots that that sport is played. For example, you can indicate that netball plays 30 minute time slots between 6pm - 10pm and that cricket is played for 60 minute time slots between 6:30pm and 10:30pm. This is one benefit of creating specific sports – in the event that, as an example, mixed netball plays at different time slots to ladies netball. 

Scoresheet Configuration

There is the ability to configure the different score sheets to suit the different sports. This allows you to set the 'timers' for the scoreboard at a sport level. This can be configured at a lower level, e.g. for a particular league as well under the league details page.

The various elements involved with score sheet configuration are highlighted below:

Time Period Name: This is what displays on the scoreboard. This may be important for Skins.E.g. First Quarter
Time Period Duration: This is the time period duration for each period. The last quarter in some instances may be longer for extra time. The format is in mm:ss. E.g. a 10 minute half will be written as 10:00
Time Before Next Period: This is the countdown timer between periods. At the end of a period, the scoreboard starts counting down the time in this column. A time of 01:00 is a common time for between quarters and rarely is bigger than a 2 minute window. These values can be easily changed so test different values to determine what works best for each sport.


It is important to highlight that the last value is set to 00:00 as the scoreboard will not function correctly if there is a value in the this box. This box is not used to calculate the time the next game is due to start.