In some instances you may wish to resend all the fixture reminders that would have been sent out for a particular league on a particular date.  This is especially useful if you create your fixtures only one week in advance, or when you are creating your finals series.  In these instances, you may be creating the fixtures at a later date than the reminders would have been sent out, so often the first reminders do not get sent.  To remedy this situation you can resend all the reminders for a particular league manually by following the following steps:

  1. Click "Leagues"
  2. Click on the league you are interested in
  3. Click the "Reminders" button
  4. Above the fixture reminder schedules for the league is a link entitled "Resend reminders for this league for a particular date".  Click this link.
  5. Select the reminder type and date that you want to resent reminders for from the textboxes at the top.  

This screen will then show a list of all the teams that will be sent the specified reminder on the specified date.  Note that if the fixture about which they would be reminded is in the past, or if they have the specified reminders turned off (see the team's details page to change that setting) the screen will inform you of that fact and indicate that reminders will not be sent. 

Once you are sure that the reminders that will be sent are the reminders that you want to be sent, click the "Send Reminders" button at the bottom of the screen.  The system will send the reminders and report a list of all the recipients of the reminder.

For information on how to send or resend fixture reminders for a specific fixture only, see the article entitled Resend fixture reminder emails for a particular fixture