There are two possible methods for resending fixture reminders.  The first is to send the reminders on a fixture by fixture basis.  To send reminders for a fixture, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the fixture you wish to resend reminders for.  You can do this either in a team's fixture list, or a league's fixture list or via the calendar.
  2. Once you are viewing the details of the fixture, click the "Reminders" link that appears along the top
  3. This screen shows a schedule of when the first and second fixture reminders were/are due to be sent, and also shows if the reminders will NOT be sent for any reason.  

This screen also shows a list of all the reminders that have ALREADY been sent for this fixture.  No reminders may have been sent, but if reminders had been sent you would also be able to see what the date and time of the fixture was at the time the reminder was sent.  This is useful to ensure that teams have not been reminded about a fixture that has subsequently changed date and or time.

To resend the first or second reminders to either or both of the teams involved in this fixture, select which reminder you would like to send from the drop down list in the bottom section of the screen, then check the checkbox next to the teams to whom you would like to send the reminder and then click "Send/Resend Reminders".  All players in the selected teams will subsequently receive the approriate reminder, and a log of that resend will be recorded in the "Reminders that have already been sent for this fixture" section.

For information on how to resend all the fixture reminders for a particular league for a particular date, please see the article entitled Resend all fixture reminders for a particular league