In each user's profile and in the quick lookup summary there is an "Activity" link next to the user details link.  This "Activity" page is designed to be a customer relationship tool for you so you can use this page when you are communicating with customers and easily keep track of what activity they have been doing with your company and what contact you have had with them in recent times.  The activity page is broken down as follows:

User Summary
At the top of the Activity page, you will see a summary section which lists out all the user's contact details, their DOB and age (if captured), and details of any league types they have entered and any booking types they have made.  It will also list out details of any current teams they are playing with, or any historic teams they played with.

On the activity page you can add "tags" to users so you can more easily group them together and contact them all if necessary.  So for instance you could add "Summer 2012 prospect" tags to any users who you want to target for your summer season, or "Keen cricket ringer" tags to any users who have said they are always keen to pick up extra games etc.  There is no restriction on how you can use this section.  Any tags you have already used will be automatically suggested when you start typing in the tags section so you can keep your contacts organised accordingly.  You can then filter users on these tags in the user list page and the communication process, so you can easily send an email to all the users tagged with "Interested in Korfball", or whatever.

"Actions" are things that should be done on a certain date.  So for instance, you might add an action to a user saying "Call to try and get him involved in the summer season" and mark that that action should be peformed on the 20th of May.  Then, in the reports section there is an "Outstanding Actions" report which, when run, will show you a list of all the actions that are due to be done either today or earlier.  You can then run down that list and perform all those actions, calling whoever needs to be called and marking the actions as completed as and when they have been done.  You can add notes to the completion section to say what happened when the action was completed (for example, "Called him and he said he's broke at the moment, but might be interested in July") and then if necessary, create another action to follow up later on.  Again, there is no limit on what you can use these actions to indicate.

This is a new feature that combines all of the above features, plus many existing features to give you a really easy and quick overview of just exactly how your customers have been interacting with your company over the recent period.  The activity list shows all the actions that the user in question has performed during the period specified.  You can filter this list to include any or all of the following activity types:

Booking based activities: Show details of any bookings that were made by the user or for the user, and show details of any bookings they attended (ie bookings that were assigned to them or to any teams that they are a member of

Emails/SMSes sent to this user: Show details of any emails or smses that were sent to the user, when and by whom.  Also, if possible, show details of the first time the user opened an email (as explained above, this is just an indication and not a guarantee of delivery or that they read it, it's just for interests sakes)

Items this user has deleted or modified: Show details of any fixtures, bookings, payments, line items, users, teams or leagues that this use has deleted.  Also show details of any fixtures, payments or line items that they have modified.

Payments made or created: Show details of any payments that this user made by paying online, or of any payments that were added to this user's statement and who those payments were created by.

League and fixture based activities: Show details of any leagues that the user started playing in, and any instances of fixtures that they probably played in or are scheduled to play in.

Reminders sent, availabilities updated: Show details of any fixture reminders they have been sent, and any occurrences of them updating their availabilities for fixtures.

Teams created or registered: Show details of any team registrations into leagues that this user has made, or any teams that they have created.

Individual registrations into leagues: As per above, except for individuals.

Ticket purchases for events: Any ticket purchases for events that the user may have made.

Exports of data from the system: Show details of any times when the user has exported team or user information into Excel from the system

The activity list will also contain details of any actions that were completed during the specified period, and will contain any "Notes" that have been added - notes can be added by clicking "Add Note" towards the top of the screen, and is intended to be used to track items that are not actions (for example, "Spoke to Gary on the phone and he said he has had a great time playing in the Birmingham Summer league!")

This list of activities should very quickly give you an overview of how a particular person has been interacting with your company over a specified period, but it also gives you a great deal of control in regards to your employees as well.  As you can see from the list above, the activities table will also include details of items that have been deleted or modified, and also detail any occasions where someone has exported data from the system, so if you look at the "Activity" page for your employees, you can see exactly who has been doing what.  This adds a great level of accountability to the application.