This will provide a summary of some of the key navigation elements of the Spawtz online control panel. 


Dashboard Summary

The "Dashboard Summary" is displayed on the page that you see when you log in. There is a "snapshot" of the fixtures that are happening today and tomorrow, and the ones that happened yesterday allowing for easy navigation to frequently accessed pagesIf you hover over any of the league names, buttons appear which allow you to go directly to the calendar, duty report, fixture list or quick results page (if any results are outstanding) for that league


If you click on the arrows to the right or left of the summary, you can scroll forwards or backwards through days.

This additional functionality has been created due to requests from customers to make it easier to get to the things they need to do TODAY – those things largely being update results, check today’s fixtures, and tomorrow’s.


Quick Lookup 

The quick lookup functionality allows for searching the site for Users, Teams, Leagues that match the entered query. Admins can search the database by user name, email address, team name, league name etc. From here, key User/Team information such as mobile number, email address, details of the next fixture can be found much faster. 


Navigation tips

There are three ways to navigate to the fixtures for a particular league:

  • Use the dashboard summary, 
  • Use the quick lookup to go directly to the league, 
  • Go via the leagues list page.
This is particularly relevant for the sites that rely on tiered security roles such as those who have users to just enter results. Navigation to a leagues page will now take into consideration the level of access certain users have, bypassing the league details page if relevant.