In order to use the Spawtz scoring application for scoring indoor cricket or timed sports you will need the following hardware and software on each of your courts:

For each court, you will require: 

1 x PC running a Windows operating system - XP SP 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. As ever with computers, best idea is to get the most you can afford. Please note that new developments for the Scorer may not be optimal for machines running an operating system prior to Windows 7. 

Each PC will also require:

  • 1x available USB port
  • the ability to extend the display to an external screen, either via HDMI or VGA
  • 1x available network port (if running a cabled network) or ability to connect to the internet via WiFi.

1 x Screen for the umpires and players to view. This is usually a flat screen television mounted on a wall next to the court.  Best idea is to get the largest you can afford, purchase an extended warranty and ensure cleaning is carried out routinely. The screen will also need to have the same input/output connection as the PC you wish to display i.e. HDMI or VGA.

1 x Access to the internet from each court computer. This can be via a WiFi network, or by implementing a cabled network by running cat 5 cables up to each court computer so the umpire computers can get on to the local network, and from there on to the internet. Consult a local IT / communications expert to assist with setting up. 

1 x keyboard and mouse for each umpire computer. 

Optional - The Spawtz Scorer can be operated by a touch screen monitor for scoring cricket although it still needs to be a Windows based operating system. This is more if you were willing to invest in a tower PC and have a touch screen monitor, or purchase a laptop with touch screen capability. An iPad will not work.