In some instances, you might want to manually alter the number of games a team has played, won, lost or drawn.  You can do this via the standings modification page:

  1. Go to Leagues
  2. Click "Divisions/Teams" next to the league in question
  3. Click "View / Modify Standings" for the division for which you would like to modify the standings.

You will then be presented with a table displaying the standings as they exist at the moment.  For each team you will be able to add a correction for each entry in the standings table.  For instance, if you want to add one to the number of games a team has played, enter "1" in the correction row under the "P" column.  This correction will cause the number of played games to increase by one.  If you wanted to decrease the number of games a team has appeared to have played, enter "-1" into this correction section.

On this page you can also cause a team's standings to be hidden on the external side of the website.  You might want to do this if a team were behind in their payments, or if they are late filling in their registration card etc.  To hide a team's standings simply check the "Hide" checkbox that appears below their name.  This will cause the teams played, won, lost, drawn etc entries to be shown as "0" in the external standings table.  If you prefer, we can show a message on the standings table next to teams whose standings are hidden - something along the lines of "Standings hidden - contact arena for more information" etc.  If you would like this to be the case, please contact Spawtz and let us know.