When one season of a particular league finishes and another season starts, execute the following steps:


Consider a "League" an individual competition and the "Season" as the time frame in which the leagues are grouped into.

The process involved will be:

- Associating each relevant league to the new season
- Copying the previous seasons information into the new season - this includes teams, players, scoring systems i.e everything!
- Removing any teams that may not be returning, adding in new teams, and make any slight changes

1. Associate the season to the league.

On the relevant league "Details" page, under "Seasons" click "Add a season" and then select the season you have just created from the drop down list that appears. If this league will use the default start and end dates for this season then leave the check box next to "Inherit dates from season" checked. If this league will use slightly different start and end dates, select the check box next to "Start" and then fill in this league's specific start and end dates.

2. Copy previous seasons information to the new season. 

Click on "Divisions/Teams" next to the league you are interested in. The seasons that the league is associated to are in the the drop down menu at the top of the page. The default selected season is the most recent season - ie, the new one. At first, there will be no teams or divisions in this season. To see a previous season's teams/divisions, select that season from the drop down list at the top.

 Your league will now be ready to accept registrations for the new season.

For details, see this article on best way to implement - Copying teams from one season to the next

3. Remove any teams from the new season that will not be participating.

Do this by selecting the check box next to the team name and then clicking the remove button next to "Remove selected teams from Season entirely" at the bottom of the screen. Removing a team from a season will also cause the registration line item for that season to be removed from the team's statement


4. Arrange teams into their correct divisions.

Move teams around to divisions as per normal - either by creating divisions and moving teams into them accordingly, or if you copied all the info from one season to the next, by moving teams within divisions according to how they performed in the previous season. Note that moving teams around between divisions or even OUT of a division entirely will NOT affect the registration fee for the team - the registration fee for the team will remain on their statement regardless of whether they are in a division or not. 

5. Fixtures can be generated accurately once the ordering and arrangement of the "Divisions" has been finalised. 

6. This process is repeated at the beginning of each season for each relevant league.