You may notice that all emails that come from the Spawtz system have the from address set as  The name displayed in the from field is the one that you set, and the "reply-to" field is set to the email address that you specify as the "from" email address, but when the email is sent, the actual email address that is used is

This from email address is used in order to lessen the chance of the email being regarded as spam or junk mail.'s email servers are marked as being servers that are allowed to send emails from addresses that end in  However, they are NOT marked as servers that are allowed to send emails from addresses that end in YOUR domain name.  When receiving mail servers see an email that came from your domain name but that was sent from a mail server that is not listed as a valid sender for that domain, in many instances they will use that fact as a flag to indicate that the email is probably spam.

To avoid this flag, all emails that are sent from the system come from  The "Reply-to" field is set to your email address though, so when people click "Reply", they will reply to you, not to

If you MUST have emails come from your email address, you can do so by exporting all the email addresses out of spawtz (either via the export users to excel function, or by copying and pasting all the email addresses out of the last step of the communication process) and then send the email via your usual email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, GMail etc).  If you choose to do this, it is highly advised that you BCC all your recipients (ie but their addresses in the BCC field, not the TO or CC fields).  This way their addresses will be hidden from the other recipients.