Fixtures, results and standings are only displayed on the external side of your website (ie the part that is visible to your players) during the season to which those fixtures and standings apply.  Spawtz decides whether to display the fixtures and standings based on the start and end dates of the relevant season.

So, for example, if the date today is the 5th of January and the season for the fixtures you are interested in begins on the 10th of January, those fixtures will not be visible on the external part of the website until AFTER the 10th of January.  They will continue to be visible there until the END of the relevant season.  Say the season ends on the 5th of March, on the 6th of March the fixtures and standings will cease to be visible on the external part of the site.

If you wish to extend the time during which the fixtures and standings are visible, increase the length of the relevant season.

Note that the season start and end dates can either be set in the season itself (via "Leagues" / "Seasons" and the clicking "Details" next to the season in question) or directly within the league details screen for the league in question (via "Leagues" then clicking "Details" next to the league in question and then by selecting specific start and end dates for the season in question within this league).