Using the Spawtz application you can allow people to make bookings at your courts online.  There are a few things you must do in order to configure the application to allow for online bookings.  This article describes those steps.

1. Inform Spawtz staff that you would like to allow your customers to book courts online.  We will then add this module to your application and tell you which URL you should link to to allow people to start the online booking process.

2. Create the appropriate booking types for your courts.  By default the booking types are "Practice" and "Social".  However, you will probably want to create sport specific booking types (like "Soccer" or "Netball" for instance).  These booking types serve two purposes: a) They are what the customer selects on the first step of the booking process (ie, they will be asked "What type of booking do you want to make?") and b) they allow you to define different costs for different types of bookings on the courts (eg, Cricket bookings may cost more than netball bookings due to the additional setup time or refereeing requirements)

To create booking types, go to "Config" then click "Resource Booking Types".  Modify the existing items or add your own.  

3. Set the costs for each booking type on each court. Go to Config, then click "Venues", then "Playing Areas" next to the venue in question, then "Booking Costs".  For each booking type, create as many booking costs as you like (you can have different costs for different times if for instance you have peak and off peak prices).  Then click "Time Periods" next to each booking cost, and specify the times at which this price should apply.  For instance, if the cost should apply from 5pm to 11pm Monday to Friday, create 5 time periods, Monday through Friday, 17:00 to 23:00.  Do the same for all other costs.  This is quite a time consuming process, but only needs to be done once, and allows you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to what costs to charge.

4. For each playing area, specify which Booking Types may be booked online on that playing area.  Click Config, then Venues, then Playing Areas next to the venue in question, then click "Booking Types" next to each playing area in succession. 

5. Turn online bookings on for the venue.  Click Config -> Venues -> Online Booking Preferences for the venue in question.  Then check the checkbox next to "Allow online booking".  Also fill out the rest of the items on this form following the instructions accordingly (importantly, add at least one email address to the "Inform email addresses" field - these email addresses will receive an email whenever someone books online at this venue, so it should be the email addresses of the venue managers ideally)

Once all of the above is done, your customers will be able to book and pay for bookings online.