To add a banner to the fixture reminder emails:

1) Click Config

2) Click Auto Text Configuration

3) There are two entries for the fixture reminders: "Fixture Reminder Email: Day After" and "Fixture Reminder Email: Day Before".  The day after email goes out the day after fixtures reminding about the fixture next week, the day before reminder goes out the day before asking for confirmation of availabilities.  Select whichever one you want to update (and if you want to update both, just do the following steps for both entries)

4) All auto text entries can be configured at a venue level.  There is a "Company wide" version and a venue version for each entry.  As an administrator, you can udpate all the versions, and you can also choose to have the company version override all the venue versions.  However, if you have the company version override all the venue versions you must be aware that any venue specific information that venue managers may have entered into their version of the auto text will be overridden as well (such as venue contact details, venue event information etc).  You may choose to add the banner to EVERY version of the autotext.  Although this is more time consuming it will mean that you are not overwriting venue level information.

5) Select the version you want to update from the Version drop down list

6) Above the text that goes out in the fixture reminder emails is a tool bar.  In this toolbar is an icon that says "Source".  Click this icon now to go into source mode.

7) You will notice that the text in the section below becomes the actual HTML source of the text.  This is what you are going to modify

8) Prepare the html that you want to add to the reminder.  This will probably be an image which links to a page on your website.  The html for this takes the following format:

<a href="THE URL TO LINK TO"><img src="THE ADDRESS OF THE IMAGE" border="0"></a>

Where THE URL TO LINK TO is the url of the page you want users to go to when they click on the banner and THE ADDRESS OF THE IMAGE is the web address of the banner image that you want displayed. 

For more information on HTML tags, see one of the many HTML tutorials available on the Internet, such as

So for example, the html you might want to add may look something like:

<a href=""><img src= width="500" height="100" border="0"></a>

There is some additional formating information in this html that is not in the earlier example, but you can ignore that for now.

9) Copy the html that you want to insert to the clipboard (Highlight it and press Ctrl + C or click "Edit/Copy" from the toolbar of whatever you are using to prepare it.

10) Position the cursor in the fixture reminder exactly where you want the banner to appear.

11) Paste the html from the clipboard by clicking Ctrl + V or Edit and Paste in the internet explorer toolbar

12) Click the "Source" icon again.  This will take you back to "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) mode.  You should now see the banner in the autotext.

13) Format the banner however you want (center it etc) using the toolbar above the text (To center, click the image and then click the centre button in the toolbar)

14) Click "Update"

15) If the system warns you that some fields are missing from the autotext, check to see what fields they are.  The system will warn you if you have accidentally overwritten some fields that it looks for to replace with real informaiton (such as "First name" or "Team Name" for example).  If you have overwritten something that you think you shouldn't have, click Cancel and correct the problem, otherwise click okay.

Repeat the above process for all the venues that you want to display the banner (by selecting the venue name in the version section and modifying the html again) and then repeat again for the Day Before reminder as well.