In order to allow the Spawtz Scoreboard Application to be controlled by an Android or iOS device the following criteria must be met:

  1. There must be a wireless network available in your arena that is on the same IP address range as the scoreboard computers (basically this just means there must be a wireless network, though the scoreboards don't necessarily have to be connected wirelessly)

  2. You must run the scoreboard application as an administrator

  3. The appropriate Windows firewall settings must be set

The status of the second and third items in the list above can be automatically queried by the scoreboard application, and the firewall settings can be fixed by the scoreboard if they are not correct.  To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Start up the scoreboard application
  2. If you are not there already, go back to the main menu
  3. Click "Configuration Settings"
  4. Select the "Remote Control Settings" tab
  5. In the "Smart Phone Controller Settings" section, the application will display the current pin number for the application and indicate whether the application is running as an administrator, and whether the firewall settings are correctly enabled.

If the Firewall settings enabled entry is "No", click the "Enable firewall settings" button to have the scoreboard application attempt to set the firewall settings for you.