How can I modify the layout of the summary screen that is displayed during indoor cricket matches?

By default, the following screeen will be displayed as the summary screen during indoor cricket matches:

You can modify the layout of this screen via the configuration settings of the Spawtz scoring application. To do this, follow these instructions:

1) On the first menu screen, double click on "Configuration Settings"
2) Select the "Cricket Scoresheet Settings" tab
3) Under "Summary Layout", select "Custom Layout" as shown below:

By default, the custom layout is as follows:

You can modify this layout by clicking "Edit custom layout" in the Summary Layout section. This will open a new window that looks like this:

You can use this window to change the layout to whatever you want. Drag the elements in the grey area to move them, or resize them using the resizing icons that appear on the elements when you click on them. Drag any elements that you do not want to appear on the summary screen completely off the grey area (note that the timer MUST remain in the grey area as it is a required element):

Some standard layouts have been prepared that you might like to use. To activate these standard layouts first select the screen ratio you would like from the Screen Ratio drop down list, then select the layout you would like and click "Reset Now".

You can determine your screen's ratio by first determining its resolution.

On Windows XP, right click anywhere in the desktop and select "Properties" then select the "Settings tab" as per the image below:

Select your summary screen and the screen's resolution will be displayed in the indicated section.

On Windows Vista or 7, click the Start button, then go to Control Panel, then "Appearance and Personalization", then "Adjust screen resolution" under "Display".

Select your summary screen and the screen's resolution will be displayed in the indicated drop down list.

Once you know your screen's resolution, you can work out the ratio by dividing the width by the height. So for instance, if your screen's resolution is 1440 x 900, the ratio is 1440/900 or 1.6, which is a ratio of 8:5. Most wide screen LCD or Plasma TVs have ratios of either 8:5 or 16:9. If you choose a ratio that is not correct for your screen, the summary page may not display correctly (there may be some space around the edges either at the top or the sides).

The standard layouts that have been prepared are as follows:

Standard Layout:

This layout is very similar to the default summary screen

Larger skins

This layout moves the skins to the right hand side of the screen to give them a little more room

Larger skins with no labels

This layout is as per above, but does not display the skin labels in order to give the skin values some more room

You can use these standard layouts as starting points for other layouts you might like to use. Once you have finished customising your layout, click "SAVE CUSTOM LAYOUT" and that layout will then be used on the summary screen.