If you want to allow users to pay online via PayPal in Spawtz, you will need to do the following:

1) Log in as administrator

2) Click "Config"

3) Click "Payment Gateways"

4) Click "Add"

5) Enter a name for the payment gateway (For example, "PayPal")

6) Select "PayPal" as the Type

7) Change the status to "Live"

8) In the "Inform Email Addresses" field, enter a comma separated list of all the email addresses you would like to receive an email when a payment is taken through this gateway

9) Select the currency that you would like to use for this gateway

10) In the "Association Level" section, select what level you would like this payment gateway to apply at - you can either specify it at the company level (ie, ALL payments go through this gateway), or the country level (all payments for leagues, events, teams etc in a particular country), the region level, the venue level or the league level.  

11) Click "Save"

That creates the payment gateway.  Then, click "Close" to go back to the list of gateways, and then do the following:

1) Click "Configuration Settings" next to the newly created gateway

2) In the "PayPal email address" field, enter the email address that you used to sign up for the PayPal account that you would like to receive money

3) In the Order Id Prefix field, enter a UNIQUE prefix for this gateway - ie, something different than any other payment gateway prefixes you have already set up.

4) Click "Save"

That's it.  It should be set up now, and any time a team or user within the specified association level pays online, it should go via this payment gateway.  You will want to test it by logging in as a user and making a test payment on their account.