In order for this to work, the ability to "join a team" must be configured to your site. If you believe this feature requires activation, contact your Spawtz provider to arrange for you.


If a player is not associated to their team and would like to receive fixture reminder emails, track qualification and get the other benefits of being registered, they can elect to "join a team". 


To do this a participant would:

  • Click onto this link from your website - http://(yoursite) 
  • Search for their team and ensure the team they choose is the one in the most recent / current league
  • Once they click onto the teams profile page, there will be an option to "Join this team"
  • If the participant is already a user on the system, they can login and request to join a team.
  • If the participant is not a user on the system, they will be required to register first.

Once players have completed this process, the captain will be sent an email asking them to “Accept” or “Reject” a player’s request to join the team.  Once the captain accepts a player, this player will then be able to inform their captain of their availability to fixtures through the system, as well as logging in to their control panel.