Click on the league name, then click "Divisions/Teams" from the sub menu. 


The first step is to create a Division. You should see a list of teams that have just been created in the section headed "teams unassociated to any division".  At this stage there will be no divisions within the league, so the next step is to create a division. 


Just below the teams list, there is a function to add a new division. In this example, there has been a division called ‘Ladies 1’ which was added by typing it into the box and clicking "Add New Division".

The next step is to select all of the teams in the list that you wish to move into that newly created division. Once ticked, there will be the option in the functions box to "Move selected teams to [Ladies1]". Click "Move" to associate the ticked teams into Ladies 1.

This process can be repeated as necessary for however many divisions within a league are required.


Email/SMS selected teams
Select which teams you wish to contact, and then click the button which will filter the communication tool to only communicate with those teams.

Remove selected teams from divisions

Selecting a team (by checking the checkbox next to the team's name) or teams and then clicking this button causes the team to be removed from the division and to appear in the “Teams unassociated to any division” section of the page. The team will remain in the league, but won’t be associated to a particular division. You will not be able to include these teams in the draw nor will they appear in the standings. You can manually create a fixture with these teams, and they will appear in the results.

Remove selected teams from season entirely

Selecting a team or teams and then clicking this button will remove them from the season entirely and will remove any registration line item that they may have received for entry into this season from their statement.

Move selected teams to

Selecting a team(s) and then a division to move them to and then clicking “Add” causes those teams to be moved into that division.

Swap selected teams

Selecting TWO teams and then clicking the “Swap” button next to this text will cause those teams to be swapped. When they are swapped, any fixtures that the first team had will now be associated to the second team and vice versa, as will any line items for any fixtures that the teams were associated to.

Add New Division Called

Create a new division by typing in the name and clicking the button.