When filtering teams by the filter on the team list page, some teams may be displayed that you are not expecting.  This is usually because a team has played in one league one season and then a different league in the next season.  In these instances, the team may show up in a list of teams that you are not expecting it to. 

For example:

A team called "The Guns" plays in a league called "Wednesday Mixed" in the season called "2007".  Then, they also play in a league called "Monday Mixed" in the sesaon called "2008".  If you then search for teams in the league called "Wednesday Mixed" and in the season called "2008", you may not be expecting "The Guns" to show up in that list.  However, they WILL show up in that list, as the search criteria are mutually exclusive.  This means that the search is looking for "Teams in Wednesday Mixed" and "Teams in 2008" and displaying a list of all the teams that meet both those criteria.  "The Guns" DO meet both these criteria as at some point they have played in the "Wednesday Mixed" league, and they are currently playing in the "2008" season (even though it is in a different league).

This issue may also occur when trying to send a communication to teams in a particular league/season combination.

The best way to see only those teams playing in a particular league/season combination is to click the "Divisions/Teams" button next to the league in question in the leagues list and then select the season in question from the drop down list at the top.  This page will only display those teams playing in this league in the selected season.